Advent of Code 2020

Advent of Code is an advent calendar of small programming puzzles. I have heard about this for a bunch of years, but haven’t taken the time to actually try it. Until this year!

I did not know exactly what to expect in terms of difficulty when starting. After the sixth puzzle I feel a bit more confident. So far it has been fun, and a really good opportunity to practice TDD, and brush up on the Elixir standard library. Yep, I’m solving the problems with Elixir, mostly because it’s productive for me and has a bunch of goodies out of the box (standard library is excellent, concurrency if needed is easy).

Anyway my goal is simply to try and solve all puzzles. No pressure on being quick, or producing the best or prettiest solutions.

My solutions are here: vorce/advent-of-code-2020.

I am also part of a lobste.rs private leaderboard. Stretch goal is to finish top 100 on that :)