Statistics from using Playlistlog for over a year

I have used Playlistlog regularly now for over a year to manage my Vorce’s selected songs spotify playlist. This is a list I keep as a sliding window of what I’m into, so every time I add a new song I also remove the oldest one from the list. The whole point of Playlistlog is to give me the possibility of looking at historic data.

So what has happend to the playlist (up until now, 2021-03-11)?

What artist have been featured the most? Here’s my top 15.

No real surprises here, I love all of these artists and I’m sure the’ll be featured many more times! Go check them out if you haven’t.

Robert Hood, Clark, Oneohtrix Point Never, AceMoMa, AceMo, MoMa Ready, Stenny, Prospa, Autechre, Special Request, Nathan Micay, The Black Dog, Locked Groove, Burial, SAULT, Four Tet, Gacha Bakradze.

I was also curious about how long it takes for a song to get removed.

  • On average a song is in the list for 36 days
  • The longest a song has been in the list is 70 days

Here’s an overview of my activity (adding songs) over the lifetime of the playlist:

Lots of spikes where I add up to 7 songs at a time. Next let’s look at what hours I am the most active.

Okay, so I tend to add most songs between 19:00 - 23:00. Makes sense.

Very happy with what I can do with this relatively bare bones data. I have some ideas on enriching the events for more interesting stuff (see the issue for this post).

The code for extracting the dataz can be found in playlistlog itself, it’s visualized in this post with Chart.js.

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