ElixirConf EU, Lisbon

Finally! I’ve worked at Remote for more than 2 years, and as a remote first company (obviously) I’ve only managed to meet two other colleagues before going to ElixirConf EU 2023. For this conference Remote sponsored a whole bunch of Remoters to come. And it was glorious. ♥️

Conference was great, but the highlight was without a doubt the social aspect. Not only meeting coworkers of course but also chatting with elixir enthusiasts from all over. The hallway track was popping. Evening activities were fun, and often going on until late night, early morning. I had a one on one with a colleague where we just went for a walk in the sun – all very refreshing!

Favorite talks

Wojtek Mach - Building Livebook Desktop

Fun one about the struggles and wins of building the livebook desktop app. Lots of fun cross platform challenges. Always appreciate Wojtek.

Evadne Wu - “Not Hotdog” Revisited

Brilliant, chaotic talk about how to use LiveView, Membrane, and ML in elixir to do some live image recognition. Been following Evadne on twitter for years - big fan.

Guillaume Duboc - Bringing Types to Elixir

I was not expeting the types for elixir research project to have come this far! Very impressive stuff, I think types will have a big, positive impact on the language. The future looks bright. Great presentation with lots of concrete examples. Was hard to see the slides live in this one unfortunately.

Mat Trudel - Phoenix Beyond Cowboy

This one went in to some interesting lower level building blocks for phoenix, to disconnect it more from specific http server implementations. Bandit’s been on my radar for a bit, this talk inspired me to use it for my next side project. Bonus points for the coolest slides.

James Arthur - ElectricSQL - Local-first SQL with Elixir

I dunno, I’m a sucker for the whole local first philosophy. I also enjoyed James’ Code BEAM EU, Stockholm talk last year. Seen some buzz about electric sql on the twitters, but never got around to look closer at it. Now it’s higher up on my todo list. Seems like it could help out a lot for the kinds of apps I’d like to build.

Peter Ullrich - Don’t Fight the Monolith

I’m biased as hell here as I work with Peter. But he’s a great speaker, very calm and clear. There’s some really good advice in this talk, based on Peter’s experiences with monoliths and microservices. Also buy his excellent book - Building Table Views with Phoenix LiveView.

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