Goodbye Tumblr

After using Tumblr as my blogging platform of choice for the last 10 years I have decided to move to something else. The move is mostly triggered because of philosophical reasons. I think the internet is getting increasingly walled off into corporate silos and I don’t like it. Tumblr is not a particularly bad, or big player in terms of this issue but it’s definitely part of the problem.

This time I decided to go back to self-hosting despite the amount of maintenance work that means. I like the idea of owning all my content and having full control. While I’m at it I can consolidate my personal site and blog. Maybe later I will go even further by hosting my git repos myself. We’ll see about that though.

I’ll have to come up with some plan on how to add all my old Tumblr posts here. I’ve exported the tumblr blog and got a 309MB size zip file 😅

Content from joel.vorce.se will also be added here. I will probably also point that DNS to here.